DSC stands for Department Student Council. Queen’s University prides itself on having strong student government. The  Biology DSC provides a connection between students, staff, and faculty by providing representation of students on monthly departmental meetings, committees (Undergraduate Committee, EDI Committee, Hiring Committee). The DSC also participates in activities to help promote the various Biology programs, and help mentor upcoming leaders.  The DSC organizes and throws a number of events such as Crops with Profs, Trivia Night, and the annual Biology Gala, and solicits, selects the yearly recipients of the DSC Award of Excellence in Teaching for the 'Best Professor' and 'Best Teaching Assistant'. 

The DSC seeks to make the department a better place by representing you!  If you have suggestions on the programs in biology, social activities, or how we can make biology a more welcoming place, please let us know (committee representatives listed below). We are here to represent all undergraduates in any biology program. A new DSC if formed every year and we welcome your participation!

2023-24 DSC Contact List 

Co-presidents: Avery Shetler (biol.president@asus.queensu.ca, 19als14@queensu.ca); Lizzy Li (president.biol@asus.queensu.ca, 18ll36@queensu.ca)

Secretary: Jesse Feng 20wrf@queensu.ca

Undergraduate Representatives: Amrit Binning (20akb8@queensu.ca); Jenna Edwards (20jde3@queensu.ca)

Year Representatives: 

1st: Katherine Souaid (22fc25@queensu.ca) 

2nd: Kate Staatsen (21ks83@queensu.ca) 

3rd: Harlee Reid (20hmr3@queensu.ca) 

4th: Steph Pederson (19sgp3@queensu.ca)

Social Coordinators: Cassie Carnegie (19crc6@queensu.ca);  Mathieu Chatelain (19mgc3@queensu.ca); Mia Carbone (21marc@queensu.ca)

Academic Coordinators: Dylan Lansing (19djl3@queensu.ca); Ronni Prince (20rap@queensu.ca); Beth Brownlee (beth.brownlee@queensu.ca)

Fundraising Coordinators: Elizabeth Higgins (20embh@queensu.ca); Avin Ashariin (19aa121@queensu.ca); Sebastian You (20shy@queensu.ca)

Marketing Coordinators: Sabrina Brown (20slb12@queensu.ca); Justin Gross (19jag9@queensu.ca)

Visit the Queen's Biology DSC website