Built in 1997, the Queen's University Phytotron includes 6 climate-controlled greenhouse compartments (zones), 26 environmental growth chambers, a prep room and a lab. Environmental control systems enable users to maintain precise conditions for plant research and other biological applications.

Please be aware that all users in the Phytotron facility must follow all safety guidelines associated with the Queen’s University Covid-19 policy (social distancing, mask wearing, general hand washing and sanitation). Thank you.

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Our tiny conservatory houses more than 150 tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean plant species from a wide range of taxonomic lineages and biogeographic regions, and includes orchids, palms, bananas, bromeliads cacti, and many more. This remarkable display of evolutionary diversity is used to great effect in several undergraduate biology courses, and is the main attraction for visitors to the Phytotron. It is also an inviting place for faculty, staff and students to relax and enjoy the tropical ambience, particularly over the winter months.

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Facility Rules

Please see the Phytotron User Instructions.

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Supply Charges (2020)

Please see the 2020 Phytotron Supply Charges.

User Fees (2021)

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Growth Chamber Programming

A set of video resources has been prepared to help users to program certain growth chambers within the facility.

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Please complete the User Program Change Form and submit to Phytotron Administration at grow@queensu.ca.

Phytotron Staff and Associated Research Groups

Lonnie Aarssen

Professor of Plant Ecology and Evolution; Evolution and Human Affairs

Robert Colautti

Associate Professor of Evolutionary Ecology and Ecological Genomics