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Interested in doing an MSc or PhD in the Biology Department? Your best bet is to contact a professor who you think might be a suitable supervisor for the sort of research that interests you. Applications made through the School of Graduate Studies, without first contacting a potential supervisor, are almost never successful.

The Department of Biology at Queen’s University is committed to providing the best in graduate learning and research mentorship while striving for an inclusive and supportive environment.

We welcome graduate students from all backgrounds acknowledging that a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and voices contributes to a healthy and vibrant department.

We uphold non-discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, national origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. We are committed to identifying, understanding, and removing barriers to equal opportunities for all students and other members of the department.

The following are inclusivity statements from:

Funding opportunities are available for Indigenous students (note: the Robert Sutherland fellowships are available to incoming Aboriginal students, African Canadian students and other Canadian visible minority students).

If you have questions about departmental functioning or atmosphere and would like to ask a current graduate student, please contact the co-chairs of the Biology Graduate Student Council (BGSC).

NSERC Scholars

Incoming students who hold an NSERC scholarship will receive a one time top-up from the university to assist with moving, and to thank you for choosing to come to Queen's. This one-time top-up is $5000 for MSc students and $10,000 for PhD students.

Most professors receive many applications each year so the majority are turned down. Overall we usually accept about 20 new MSc students, and 10 new PhD students each academic year. To initiate the application process, we suggest you send an email to potential supervisors, outlining your interests, skill, and relevant background. Do not make a formal application until at least one professor expresses strong interest in taking you on as a graduate student.

Please note that admission applications are also used to in adjudication of Ontario Graduate Scholarships and internal (Queen’s) awards, so it is important to: 

  1. write a strong Statement of Interest,
  2. include as much information as possible under Previous Awards and Publications (including any papers that have been submitted to peer review but not yet accepted, conference presentations, popular articles, etc),
  3. ask your referees to write strong letters, including academic achievements as well as leadership and outreach activities.