We have for decades been a centre of excellence in the Plant Sciences. Many of the major advances in plant biology were developed or enhanced by the research of Queen's plant biologists past and present. The current research group employs leading-edge approaches to answer some of the most pressing questions in plant biology. These approaches range from new physiological techniques to mutant analysis to gene cloning to the genetic engineering of plants. Some of the research has also been developed into powerful technologies that now form the foundations of plant biotechnology companies.

Plant Ecology and Evolution
Plant Evolutionary Ecology and Ecological Genomics
Plant Evolution and Population Genetics
Plant Evolution and Ecological Genetics
Rhomboid Proteins, Protein Transport and Functional Proteomics
Bioremediation and Contaminant Bioconversion
Signal Transduction and Plant Genetics
Plant Biochemistry, Proteomics, and Molecular Biology
Molecular Control of Plant Development
Plant Molecular Biology and Signal Transduction