I am missing a prerequisite or co-requisite for a course. Can I still enroll?

Only under exceptional circumstances. Prerequisites and/or co-requisites are carefully considered for each course and reflect the minimum academic background needed for the course material. The Undergraduate Chair will only waive course prerequisites in the following circumstances:

  1. The student has an equivalent course from a different university.
  2. The student is in their upper year (minimum 3rd year standing), has demonstrated very good academic performance in previous courses (minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 (B+)) and has permission of the instructor. Permission to waive prerequisites/co-requisites will only be given after the start of open enrolment so as to give priority to students who have the proper requirements.

Note that only one prerequisite can be waived per course.

Can I use an exclusion course in lieu of BIOL 243?

No. Biology 243 is a core course in our major. We only grant the substitution under exceptional circumstances, such as a degree plan change.

Exclusion courses:  Exclusion CHEE 209/3.5; COMM 162/3.0; ECON 250/3.0; GPHY 247/3.0; KNPE 251/3.0; NURS 323/3.0; POLS 285/3.0; PSYC 202/3.0; 

Can I use MATH 123/MATH 124 in a BIOL plan?

Yes, students may take MATH 123 & MATH 124 in lieu of MATH 120 or 121 according to the Academic Calendar

Can I load courses into shopping cart when the prerequisite is In Progress (IP)?

Yes, students can load anything into their shopping carts. Once a student clicks validate, the system will check the prerequisite. If the prerequisite is IP, the validate will fail because the shopping cart does not recognize courses in progress. The student can enroll once the course has been completed. For more details visit SOLUS HELP

Where are post-degree students in the SOLUS course registration line-up?

Post-degree students are considered year 3. As far as access to courses they would not be able to enroll in courses reserved for concentrators. Visit the Course Enrollment page for more details. 

I have an AP transfer credit for STATS 263. Do I still need to take BIOL 243?

Yes. A student who brings in AP transfer credit for STATS 263 must take BIOL 243 in 2nd year.

I want to apply for a Biology MAJ plan, but I did not get the required C+ average in BIOL 102/103 and the 1.9 CUM GPA.

The C+ average in BIOL 102/103 along with the 1.9 CUM GPA is for Automatic Acceptance. Our Pending list standards are C- average in BIOL 102/103 along with the 1.6 CUM GPA. For all BIOL plan requirements, please visit https://www.queensu.ca/artsci/undergraduate/first-year-students/plan-selection 

What should I do if I don’t get in to a Biology plan?

Your best option is to retake either BIOL 102 or 103 to improve your final grade and reapply to the BIOL plan. We only accept requests up until the final add/drop date in the fall term. If you happen to miss this deadline, you can reapply during the change of plan period.  

How many units do I need to have completed in order to be considered 2nd year?

You need 24.0 units or more to be considered 2nd year.

I have IP credits for BIOL 102 and 103. Will I be accepted into 2nd year BIOL plans?

Yes, students with IP transfer credits are considered an auto accept into 2nd year, providing they have a minimum 1.9 cumulative GPA.

Am I eligible to take a Research Mentorship course?

The Research Mentorships are open to students from all walks of life and degree persuasions as long as they are able to secure a supervisor. Students are typically in 3rd or 4th year when they pursue Research Mentorships. Students who have graduated may come back and take these courses if a place is available with a faculty member.

Still need more help?

If you need more information, or want to arrange a meeting with an Academic Advisor, please contact the Undergraduate Administrative Coordinator at ug.biology@queensu.ca.