A degree in Biology opens up a world of career opportunities. Our graduates follow a variety of paths, from careers in academic Biology to environmental law to biotechnology to medicine. Where will your Queen’s Biology degree take you?

We greatly value our Biology alumni and follow your myriad activities with great interest. Our graduates have gone on to do many wonderful things, and we hope that in some small way your time in our department played a formative role. Please send us your stories and news so that we may vicariously enjoy your successes and report them here!

Thank you to our wonderful donors who help us maintain quality teaching and research in Queen's Biology.

Ann McKellar

Wildlife Biologist

“I truly believe the only way to enjoy life is by doing what you love. If you focus on that then things have a way of falling into place.”

Claudia Kraft

Family and Emergency Physician

“The broad education in Biology, the passionate people I met at Queen's and the richness of opportunities available to me allowed me to explore my interests, expand my skills, and eventually blaze a winding and rewarding trail to a career that couldn't be better.”

Jeffrey Waller

Plant Biochemist and Assistant Professor

“I will always fondly remember my time at Queen's in Biology, where I met fellow undergraduate and graduate students who were amazingly talented and brilliant people.”

Katie Langin

Research Ecologist and Writer

“The Biology Department is packed with top-notch scientists and you'll get even more out of your coursework if you couple it with hands-on experience in science.”

Robert Laird

Associate Professor of Biology

“I suggest that students get involved in research through field courses, independent study courses, the Honours Thesis, and by working/volunteering in labs. It's rewarding to produce knowledge, not just to consume it.”

Sharon Zhang

Veterinary Student

“The Queen's Biology program was very well-rounded and definitely played a major role in helping to get where I am today.”