Application: Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 - Deadline June 7th, 2024.


Applications are invited for Teaching Assistantships (TA-ships) in the Biology Department at Queen’s University.  

One TA-ship is typically for 65 hours per term, however, there are certain positions that are 0.5 (32.5 hrs) or 0.25 (16.25 hrs) TA-ships and some TA-ships are 130 hours across two terms (Fall and Winter).  More information about TA-ships and funding can be found in section 3.2 of the Biology Guide to Graduate Studies.  TAs who do not carry out their duties satisfactorily or who are unable to teach effectively in English will lose their TA-ship and may forfeit their entitlement to a guaranteed minimum stipend.

Appointments will be made according to the guidelines of the Collective Agreement between PSAC and Queen’s University on behalf of Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows at Queen’s University.  

Appointment of TAs will be determined by a committee formed of the Coordinator of Graduate Studies and the Chair of Undergraduate Studies or their delegates and will take into consideration applicant preferences, the job requirements in specific courses and the qualifications and experience of the applicants.  For 300 and 400 level courses the course coordinator may be asked to join the selection committee.

Summer 2024 Term

  • BIOL 102, Introductory Biology of Cells
  • BIOL 103, Introductory Biology of Organisms (online)
  • BIOL 307, Field Biology I, II, III
  • BIOL 404, Techniques of Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 418, Fisheries Techniques



If applying for these TAships, please ensure you are available Sep 1, 2024 - Apr 30, 2025.