Located on the shore of scenic Lake Ontario and adjacent to the wetland-rich UNESCO world biosphere reserve of the Frontenac Arch, Queen’s University is ideally situated for research into freshwater ecology. The members of our Queen's University Freshwater Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Research Group (QUFFAS) conduct an exciting array of research including zooplankton ecology, population biology, ecotoxicology, paleolimnology, invasive species, fish physiology, and reproductive biology. In addition to extensive field work, we also conduct our studies in a sophisticated aquatic facility in the Biosciences Complex offering opportunities for a breadth of lab-based studies.

Aquatic Ecology
Aquatic Ecology and Paleolimnology

William Leggett

Fish Life Histories and Fisheries
Fish Reproductive Strategies
Molecular Physiology of Fishes
Evolutionary Ecology of Aquatic Systems
Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Limnology and Paleolimnology
Fish Physiology
Environmental Physiology of Fishes