The Ecology, Evolutionary and Behaviour (EEB) group encompasses a broad range of research spanning molecular ecology, population genetics and phylogenetics, behaviour, the evolution of animal and plant reproductive systems, sexual and natural selection, mathematical biology and ecosystem ecology. Faculty and students have created a dynamic, highly interactive research environment (see also our Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour Seminar Series). Many members of our group conduct their research at the Queen's University Biological Station.

Plant Ecology and Evolution
Aquatic Ecology
Behavioural Endocrinology and Environmental Physiology
Evolutionary Genetics
Evolutionary Ecology and Ecological Genomics
Aquatic Ecology and Paleolimnology
Plant Evolution and Population Genetics
Plant Evolution and Ecological Genetics
Molecular Ecology and Evolution
Plant and Ecosystem Ecology
Evolution and Conservation of Vertebrates
Conservation Biology and Evolutionary Ecology
Reproductive Strategies
Molecular Physiology
Evolutionary Ecology of Aquatic Systems
Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Limnology and Paleolimnology
Fish Physiology