We study the genetic, metabolic, and regulatory networks of bacteria.


Rhizobia are soil-dwelling Proteobacteria that are able to enter into N2-fixing endosymbiotic relationships with leguminous plants, allowing the legumes to thrive in nitrogen-deficient soils. Our research interests span a diversity of topics. We are particularly interested in using an integrative approach involving experimental and computational techniques to understand the genetic, metabolic, and regulatory networks of rhizobia during free-living growth and during the interaction with legumes. Longer term, we hope to leverage our knowledge and synthetic biology tools to engineer rhizobia with improved plant-growth promoting activities.


I aim to help students cultivate a passion for biology. I hope to provide students new and exciting knowledge from the realm of biology, while also helping them to develop essential skills (problem solving, data presentation, and more) that will be valuable in a diverse set of careers.


  • Computational biology
  • Host-microbe interactions
  • Molecular genetics